KOFI (AM) and KZMN (FM), Kalispell, Montana, and KOLK (FM), Lakeside, Montana

Annual EEO Public File Report

Reporting Period:  December 1st 2019, through November 30th 2020

Section I: Full-Time Vacancies Filled: 

One full time positions were filled:

 Recruitment Source for Hirees:

Number of Interviewees: 5 (five)

 Section II: Recruitment Sources (Each is used for each full-time vacancies. None have specifically requested to be notified of vacancies):

  1. Job Service

Jordan Stordahl

                  427 First Ave.

                  East Kalispell, MT

                  Telephone: 406-758-6200

                  Interviewees this reporting period: 5(five)

  • Express Employment Professional

Jordan Nelson

                  4 Sunset Plaza Suite 101

                  Kalispell, MT

                  Telephone: 406-257-2255

  • Montana Broadcasters Association

                  Dewey Bruce

                  18 Ruby Mountain Rd/

                  Clancy MT 59634

                  Telephone: 406-431-2139

  • All Access

                  Internet Source

                  All Access dot com

  • Indeed – Internet Source
  • On Air


                  317 1st Ave East

                  Kalispell MT

                  Telephone: 406-755-6690

Total Interviewees: 5(five)

Section III: Outreach Initiatives:

 1. KOFI, Inc. Station staff provides career tours to such groups as the Boy Scouts, this career tour was conducted on May 29th at 2 pm by Scott Davis. DUE TO COVID NO IN STATION CAREER TOURS WERE CONDUCTED AT OUR STUDIOS.

  1. KOFI, Inc. again participated in our very own intern program. DUE TO COVID NO INTERNSHIP PROGRAM WAS CONDUCTED
  1. KOFI, Inc. also co-sponsored a spring job fair@ FVCC.  DUE TO COVID NO JOB FAIR WAS HELD
  2. Established a training program designed for current station personnel to acquire addition skills that could enhance there opportunity for a higher level position